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MargaritaCreations physical store Tripiti Milos

Store Info


The store founded in Milos Island and operated since 2013.

All handcrafted art decorations and jewels produced  in our workshop with the best materials in the market such as:

  • Silver 925 without chromium impurities which cause allergies to skin.

  • Semiprecious stones (Fresh water pearls, Opsidian, Jade, Agate, Amethyst, Onyx, Tiger eye,  Ivory and others)

  • Crystals

  • Swarovski crystals

  • Enamel

  • Leather

  • Combinations of the above    

You can order jewelry in dimension and materials or combinations of materials you want.
The Art decorations are made ​​of copper, brazen and Alloy of Nickel Silver .

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